Fall 2024

Fall 2024


"I had the opportunity to attend the Granite Travel Trade Expo in Victoria recently with many advisors and wanted to express how informative and well planned the event was. We did the training in one room with with great information and videos from each supplier and then moved to another room where the suppliers had their tables set up with brochures, promos, flyers etc. Advisors could spend as much time with each supplier as they needed. There was the light lunch served.

This was one of the best planned events I have been to post COVID and I look forward to attending the next Granite Travel Trade Expo."

Karen K.
Travel Consultant, Victoria BC

"I participated in the Granite Travel Trade Expos this past Spring on a trial basis and was very pleasantly surprised at the agent attendance, the thoughtful venue locations and the quality one on one time I had with the travel agents. Because of this great experience, we signed up for the 2nd trade expo in the Fall/2023 and will also be participating in the 2024 expos.

I would highly recommend these shows for suppliers as these smaller shows allow for better connections with the travel agents. The travel agents in turn, felt they came away with a lot more knowledge on my hotels through my presentations and then speaking to me at my booth. Our time together was not rushed as happens at the bigger shows. A win, win."

Pam Bassett
BDM Canada, Oasis Hotels & Resorts

"The Cuba Tourist Board had the pleasure to participate in many of the Fall Granite Travel Expos this year and we found the events very well attended and organized. What was really important to us was to be able to have the time to talk with qualify travel agents. The idea of the smaller event, participating in cities we normally would not have a chance to visit was also a big bonus as well.

Great job to Brad and his team on putting on very professional shows."

Nieves Ricardo
Cuba Tourist Board

"About Catalonia's experience with the Granite Fall Tradeshows in 2023, all the events were perfectly organized, with a duration of 5 hours and a 15 minute presentation of some suppliers. A very nice light dinner, snacks, drinks and coffee break were offered, ending with prizes for the travel advisors (attendees), which made them very happy and helped to strengthen the bond between advisor and supplier.

The venues were well known and well located hotels offering special supplier rates negotiated by Granite, which was much appreciated, and the attendees were high quality travel advisors representing potential business for us suppliers and our companies.

An important added value was that Granite was responsible for generating all the digital photo and video content that was shared with us, the suppliers, as they have their own media manager: Jason Lee, who, in addition to managing and moderating the presentations, was responsible for taking photos and videos during the show and presentations.

Bradley Dean and his team were responsible for ensuring the integration of all suppliers before and after the events and invited us to toast, talk and express all the feedback we had as exhibitors after each show.

We are very pleased with the outcome of these events and look forward to participating in 2024."

Karina Fuentes
BDM, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts
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